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Essential Items You Should Have on Your Website's Contact Page

It isn't the most exciting page on your website but it is one of the most important and often overlooked pages. It is also one of the most visited pages on most websites. Making sure that you have these key elements on your website's contact page can help make sure you convert your users.

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Essentials Elements of an Effective Contact Page

Keep the information your users are after at the top of the page

Your users shouldn't have to scroll to find the information they are after; your email address, mailing address / map, phone number, contact form, and so on. Of all the pages on your website, the contact page has the most obvious user intent; they want your contact information. Make it extremely easy to find.

Multiple forms of contact

We touched on this a bit in #1 but make sure that you have multiple ways to contact your company. Not everyone wants to fill out a form. Think about who your users are and how they like to communicate with you. At a minimum you should have an address, phone number and an email address. You may also want to consider a basic contact form, live chat or other was for your customers to reach out for the information they need. Don't forget to include social media here so your customers can reach out on the platforms they use everyday.

Clickable address and phone number

You've gone to all the trouble of adding the key elements to your contact page but have you made them effective for your users? Make sure the address and phone number are coded correctly by wrapping them in the correct HTML elements. Phone numbers should be setup as links and addresses should be coded in address elements. Taking this simple step makes it so visitors to your website can simply click on your phone number to call you or click on your address to pull up a map and get directions.

Don't hide the contact page

Ok, this isn't exactly an element on the contact page but make sure you can easily navigate to the contact page. It should be very easy to find and accessible from every page on your website. This is the most basic call to action on your website and you want your users to be able to easily get to it so they can get ahold of you.

Does your website's contact page need a little help?

Is your contact page not converting as well as you'd like? Maybe it is missing some of the key elements covered above and you need a little help designing a more effective page. Contact us using the link below or the chat icon on the right for a free consultation.

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