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Five Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Company's Website

Driving more traffic to your website is crucial because it results in more conversions, an increase in the number of qualified leads, and the opportunity to engage with more customers. Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and you need to reach as many of them as possible to secure higher sales. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your company's website, below are some of the most effective ways to do so:

Five Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Company's Website - Desktop Traffic
Create Quality Content

Avoid the temptation to churn out hundreds of low-quality or click-bait articles to attract web traffic. Instead, concentrate on producing quality, useful content. Your content should solve problems that your customers actually have, instead of providing information that does not improve their lives. To create quality content, you can start by using your existing communication channels. Think about the questions your customers are asking in your social media channels, on the phone and through your website and create content that provides answers. Tackle the most frequent questions first and work your way down the list.

Use Low Competition Keywords

SEO is a long-term play, but what should you do if you’re just starting out? Your website will probably not rank on the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) when you launch. Bigger and more experienced businesses are already out there using high competition keywords. If you have a small business or are just starting online, aim for low competition keywords that are also relevant to your business and target audience. As you start to rank higher over time, you can then start using high competition keywords to improve your rankings and attract even greater traffic to your website.

Guest Post

Many businesses partner with content creators. Instead of hiring one for your site, think about how you might be able to build relationships through creating valuable content that ties into other businesses. Guest posting refers to the act of writing a post on another person's website. In trade, the author links from the article back to their site. Guest posts can increase traffic coming to your site, and provides something of value for the business you partner with. Ideally, you’d write guest posts for a site that has a significant amount of traffic. However, even small websites and blogs in your industry can have the effect of driving more traffic, especially if they are credible. Take some time to identify websites in your own industry, or an industry with cross-promotional opportunities, and reach out to see if it makes sense to partner.

Add Video

Videos are a highly effective medium to drive traffic to your website. Today, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Millions of people use YouTube to search for information. You can leverage sites like YouTube to create videos about your products and services and link back to your website so your target audience can learn more.

Share on Social Media

Sharing content about your business on social media is a great way to reach a larger audience and engage customers. Interacting with your followers on social media also helps you determine how they perceive your business and solve any issues they might have. Remember: your goal is to build trust and loyalty. Social media channels are great for posting how-to articles, providing sneak peeks and celebrating with your fans. Don’t forget to be useful, funny and genuine! Encourage customers to learn more about your business and make the decision to purchase from you instead of someone else.

Five Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Company's Website - Profit Graph

In Conclusion

Driving traffic to your website helps generate increased sales for your business. There are many ways to drive traffic. With the right content and strategies in place, you can drive more users to your website and convert visitors into paying customers.

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