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Four Mistakes That Cause Visitors to Immediately Leave Your Website

With business increasingly including a digital presence, your website may create the first impression of your brand to your customers. You might have one of the best products or services in town, but if your website fails to meaningfully convey what makes you great, your visitor is more likely to turn to a competitor. If you have been losing visitors lately, check to see if your website has any of these four mistakes.

Five Common Website Mistakes Many Businesses Make Article loading animation

Computing / Software Issues

The very first mistake that you could make is having a slow-loading or Flash-heavy intro on your website. With each additional second of loading time, your bounce rates will increase dramatically. Additionally, requiring specialized apps or software is a deterrent. The moment users see the update box, they will run away from your website. One reason is that most people don’t have the time to update programs for the sake of accessing a website. Another is that some users may lack the digital literacy to understand whether the request is legitimate or how to make the requested update. Make your website easy and hassle-free.

Four Mistakes That Cause Visitors to Immediately Leave Your Website - Too Much Color

Too Many Bright Colors

While having a striking visual aspect to your website is a good idea, going overboard with the colors is not. If users are greeted with competing or distracting colors, they may shun what you are offering. Be careful with the color palette you use – especially for your landing page. Current websites in the US tend toward simpler elements and are gentle on the eyes. Instead, use color to strategically draw the eye – and the user – to specific actions. By limiting the number of color cues competing for your customer’s attention, these elements will stand out even more Ultimately, this approach allows your content and call to action to be the hero, so your customers can get the reach the information they need quickly. If color theory and digital design aren’t your strong suit, engage with professional designers to ensure your website communicates in all the right ways.

Four Mistakes That Cause Visitors to Immediately Leave Your Website - Not enough quality content

Not Enough Quality Information

The most obnoxious websites are ones that feel so repetitive or bare that you’re not even sure if they represent a legitimate business. Users want valuable solutions. A website that has tons of information about the founders and their personal story right on the landing page will drive your visitors to the next search result on the list. The reason people come to your website is to view your products and read about your services. That is the information you need to provide them most readily. You absolutely can have a page to talk about your inspiring story, but that should not be the landing page. Information about your products and services needs to be concise, well-written and appealing to your users.

Four Mistakes That Cause Visitors to Immediately Leave Your Website - Tiny Text

Tiny Text

Employing a legible font in an appropriate size can be the difference between a website that is appealing to visitors and one that frustrates them. Each of your visitors is desperately trying to resolve a problem and is eager to find the right solution. Small font size may look pretty on the website, but visitors – especially older visitors – will not waste their precious time deciphering it. The font size you choose should be well considered and allow users to easily grasp the information you have on your website.

Having a website is a powerful tool to share your product or service to potential customers. However, distracting colors or not enough information can easily drive consumers away. Whether you are building a website some scratch or want to improve an existing one, be sure to avoid these four mistakes.

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